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2006-06-13 20:38:07
kitty's cats



[kittykittykitty]'s cats!

It needed sorting and reshuffling, which I have now done ^_^ I have allowed for the possibility of other albums for other cats I may get in the future!

For now, please see the photos of Noodles (clicky above). Comments would be much appreciated, as the old ones got lost in the move! -_-;

2006-06-09 Hedda: And where are the photos of Noodles?

2006-06-13 kittykittykitty: Clicky on the picture above! :P

2006-06-14 Hedda: Oh...

2006-06-14 kittykittykitty: Do you think that's a weird way to present my photos? I'm sure I've seen much more confusing photo albums XD

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