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2005-02-19 [X2]: Can I put up a new image of my cat?

2005-02-19 [Lilith]: If it's better than the old one and you write a new interesting story with the picture.

2005-02-20 [Sunrose]: This is not a chatwiki :)

2005-02-22 [Redneck Archeress]: Then just disable the comments.

2005-02-22 [X2]: Why cant people talk here o.O?

2005-02-22 [Sunrose]: This is not a chatwiki because there are enough wikis to do that in, but you can ask questions thus the commentsection is needed :)

2005-02-23 [Lilith]: I've changed this wiki so that only crew can edit this page. I got tired of people posting unrelated messages and uploading their entries to cat of the day here.

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