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Myths and facts

This is where we seperate the fact from fiction. You may find out you beleved the wrong thing, so we want to clarify the truth. If you have a kittyfact you would like to submit, please put it on Your Helpful hints and facts, where it will be verified and moved to the appropriate section


Myth: Cats should drink milk everyday.
Fact: Most cats like milk, but do not need it if properly nourished. Also, many will get diarrhea if they drink too much milk. If it is given at all, the amount should be small and infrequent. [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Cats that are spayed or neutered automatically gain weight.
Fact: Like people, cats gain weight from eating too much, not exercising enough or both. In many cases, spaying or neutering is done at an age when the animal's metabolism already has slowed, and its need for food has decreased. If the cat continues to eat the same amount, it may gain weight. Cat owners can help their cats stay fit by providing exercise and not over-feeding. [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Cats cannot get rabies.
Fact: Actually, most warm-blooded mammals, including cats, bats, skunks and ferrets, can carry rabies. Like dogs, cats should be vaccinated regularly according to local laws. [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Indoor cats cannot get diseases.
Fact: Cats still are exposed to organisms that are carried through the air or brought in on a cat owner's shoes or clothing. Even the most housebound cat ventures outdoors at some time and can be exposed to diseases and worms through contact with other animals feces. [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Tapeworms come from bad food.
Fact: Pets become infected with tape worms from swallowing fleas, which carry the parasite. Also, cats can get tapeworms from eating infected mice or other exposed animals. [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Cats bring their catches (bird, mice) home as a present to their owner
Fact: They actually do this to show the owner how to hunt properly. They think you need some practise with catching prey, and are trying to show you how it's done! [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Female Cats Need a Litter Before Spaying
Fact: A cat can suffer more harm through pregnancy than she can by being spayed. The truth is that some people just want kittens, and will use any excuse. Spaying will prevent uterine cancer, and help prevent mammary cancer, ovarian cysts, as well as complications of pregnancy, including stillbirth and malformed kittens [used for kitty fact]

Myth: Putting garlic on a pet's food will get rid of worms.
Fact: Garlic may make the animal's food taste better but has no effect on worms. The most effective way to treat worms is by medication prescribed by a veterinarian. [used for kitty fact]


Myth: Pregnant women should not own cats.
Fact: Some cats can be infected with a disease called toxoplasmosis, which occasionally can be spread to humans through cat litter boxes and cause serious problems in unborn babies. However, these problems can be controlled, if the expectant mother avoids contact with the litter box and assigns daily cleaning to a friend or other family member.

Myth: A cat's sense of balance is in its whiskers.
Fact: Cats use their whiskers as "feelers" but not to maintain their balance.

Myth: Animals heal themselves by licking their wounds.
Fact: Such licking actually can slow the healing process and further damage the wound.

Myth: Cats always land on their feet.
Fact: While cats instinctively fall feet first and may survive falls from high places, they also may receive broken bones in the process. Some kind of screening on balconies and windows can help protect pets from disastrous falls.

All above submitted by [Miss Lilu]

Myth: Declawing is Like Trimming Nails
Fact: Declawing is actually the surgical amputation of the first joint of each toe of the cat, a procedure which is viewed as mutilation by advocates. OUCH!!!

Submitted by [Black_Roses]


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2005-05-08 [djxmonster]: This is where we separate :P

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2005-07-21 [Miss Lilu]: what?

2006-07-25 [kittykittykitty]: Thanks for your submissions [Black_Roses], they're really useful :D

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