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Past kitty facts

This is where past facts featured on Myaustreet are displayed. Most recent featured facts are at the top!


They know how you feel!

Both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion.

Submitted by [catelfemma]

Garlic breath

Myth: Putting garlic on a pet's food will get rid of worms.
Fact: Garlic may make the animal's food taste better but has no effect on worms. The most effective way to treat worms is by medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

Submitted by [Miss Lilu]

How many bones?

A cat has from 230 to 250 bones in it's body. Most domestic cats have 244 and a human has 206 bones. The determining factor has to do with how long a cat's tail is, and how many toes the animal has.

Submitted by [nokaredes]

Birth Control

Myth: Female Cats Need a Litter Before Spaying
Fact: A cat can suffer more harm through pregnancy than she can by being spayed. The truth is that some people just want kittens, and will use any excuse. Spaying will prevent uterine cancer, and help prevent mammary cancer, ovarian cysts, as well as complications of pregnancy, including stillbirth and malformed kittens

Submitted by [Black_Roses]

No sweat!

Cats do not have sweat glands. This is why on a hot day, they will find a cool shady spot to sleep in

Submitted by [nokaredes]

Agile Creatures

A cat can sprint at 30 miles per hour and jump 7 times as high as its tail. When cats jump their footpads absorb the shock of landing

Submitted by [irulan]


Cats deprived of tryptophan, found in milk, eggs and poultry, become insomniacs

Submitted by [zoloftzantac]

Don't be Fooled...

Myth: Cats bring their catches (bird, mice) home as a present to their owner
Fact: They actually do this to show the owner how to hunt properly. They think you need some practise with catching prey, and are trying to show you how it's done!

Submitted by: [kittykittykitty]

Speedy Kitty


Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Giving Tongue

Cats lap liquid from the underside of their tongue rather than from the top when drinking.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

What Is Missing?

Most cats have no eyelashes.

Submitted by: [BlackDragon]

Lucky Cat

To see a white cat on the road is lucky.
- American superstition

Submitted by: [BlackDragon]

Bad Mice

Cats can get tapeworms from eating mice. If your cat catches a mouse it is best to take the prize away from it.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Myth and Fact

Myth: Cats cannot get rabies.
Fact: Actually, most warm-blooded mammals, including cats, bats, skunks and ferrets, can carry rabies. Like dogs, cats should be vaccinated regularly according to local laws.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Keep Your Kitty Safe

Make sure to keep alcoholic drinks out of reach of your Cat for if ingested can lead to sickness and in the most extreme case a coma.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Cats Get Sunburn Too

Cats with white fur and skin on their ears are very prone to sunburn. Frequent sunburns can lead to skin cancer. Many white cats need surgery to remove all or part of a cancerous ear. Preventive measures include sunscreen, or better, keeping the cat indoors.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Blood Groups

Cats have AB blood groups just like people.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Myth and Fact

Myth: Cats that are spayed or neutered automatically gain weight.
Fact: Like people, cats gain weight from eating too much, not exercising enough or both. In many cases, spaying or neutering is done at an age when the animal's metabolism already has slowed, and its need for food has decreased. If the cat continues to eat the same amount, it may gain weight. Cat owners can help their cats stay fit by providing exercise and not over-feeding.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]


Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw.

Submitted by: [Law and Chaos]

To Small?

A cat uses it's whiskers, to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through.

Submitted by: [Anti-Cool]


Cats can compress or elongate their spine, making them smaller to sleep snuggly in places or longer to leap across wide open spaces.

Submitted by: [irulan]

Kitty Teeth

Cats are subject to gum disease and to dental caries. They should have their teeth cleaned by the vet or the cat dentist once a year.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]


Ailurophobia is the fear of cats.

Submitted by: [nokaredes]


In Asia and England, black cats are considered lucky, while in America, they are considered unlucky.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Keep Your Cat Safe!

Some types of the Lily flower can cause kidney failure to your cat if eaten. These are Easter lily, tiger lily, rubrum, Japanese show lily and some species of day lily. And it is a very serious thing. Your cat can develop kidney failure in 36-72 hours after eating the lily. The lily is especially poisonous but here is a long list of other plants that can me poisonous to cats.
List is in the following wiki Poisonous plants

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Black and Orange

If a male cat is both orange and black it is ( besides being extremely rare ) sterile. To have both the orange and the black coat colors, the male cat must have all or part of both female X chromosomes. This unusual sex chromosome combination will render the male cat sterile.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Myth Week -Indoor Cats

Myth: Indoor cats cannot get diseases.
Fact: Cats still are exposed to organisms that are carried through the air or brought in on a cat owner's shoes or clothing. Even the most housebound cat ventures outdoors at some time and can be exposed to diseases and worms through contact with other animals feces.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Myth Week -Good Omen

A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it.

This is a Italian superstition

Submitted by: [BlackDragon]

Myth Week -Milk

Myth: Cats should drink milk everyday.

Fact: Most cats like milk, but do not need it if properly nourished. Also, many will get diarrhea if they drink too much milk. If it is given at all, the amount should be small and infrequent.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Myth Week

A cat washes behind its ears, it will rain.

This is a English superstition.

Submitted by: [BlackDragon]

Myth Week

-Dreaming of white cat means good luck.

This is a American superstition

Submitted by: [BlackDragon]

More than 20 muscles in each ear enable a cat to move his or her ears like radar dishes and pinpoint the source of a sound. The two ears can rotate in different directions, as well.

Submitted by: [irulan]

A Kittens Hunger

A kitten needs to be fed more than a full grown cat, it also needs a constant supply of water. (Always talk to your vet about how to properly care for your kittens needs) canned foods are sometimes best to feed your kitten as is dry cat food that is specially formulated for kittens. Below or general guidelines on how much to feed them daily.

Age 3-5 months 4-5 meals daily
Ages 6-8 months 3-4 meals daily
Ages 9-12 months 3 meals daily
Ages 12 and up 2-3 meals daily

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Love your Cats

Now why is it that some people like cats better than dogs? Are they just cooler? Better looking? Well of course All of us here on Cathug know why Cats are better than dogs. There prettier for one, cleaner and more intelligent. They have many more skills such as jumping 7 times the height of their tails, they can run over 50 km/h (30mph, which is as much as a human) ohh and lets see a god climb a tree as well. Cats always know when to cuddle up to you and make sure you become covered in their lovely fur. What better way to show off than letting their human look like them?
We always must take care o or feline friends as well if we want to keep them as our loving companions for as long as possible, things like chocolate and Tylenol and other human medications are toxic to cats. Also Cats hunting mice is not a wonderful idea as many may thing so, if your cat eats the mouse that it catches than your cat could become infected with whatever disease the mouse is carrying and commonly can get tape worms. These sort of complications can be fatale to your furry friend. By having a cat and enjoying it you may also live longer, It has been established that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.

Submitted by: [Miss Lilu]

Why Are Cats Orange?

The gene in cats that causes the orange coat color is sexed linked, and is on the X sex chromosome. This gene may display orange or black. Thus, as female cat with two X chromosomes may have orange and black colors in its coat. A male, with only one X chromosome, can have only orange or black, not both.

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Cats are better than Dogs!

Why do you ask? Lets see...

A cat's brain is more similar to a human's brain than that of a dog. (Explains their superior intelligence!)

Cats have about 100 different vocalization sounds. In comparison, dogs have about 10. (That’s 90 more ways to say I love you, or more likely, give me food!)

A cat can jump five times as high as it is tall.

A cat's hearing rates as one of the top in the animal kingdom (of course they may choose not to hear some sounds). Cats can hear sounds as high-pitched as 65 kHz; a human's hearing stops at just 20 kHz. A cat can hear a can opener from over a mile away (just kidding about the can opener, but it does seem that way).

Submitted by: [catelfemma]

Tape Worms

Cats can get tapeworms from eating fleas. These worms live inside the cat forever, or until they are removed with medication. They reproduce by shedding a link from the end of their long bodies. This link crawls out the cat's anus, and sheds hundreds of eggs. These eggs are ingested by flea larvae, and the cycles continues. Humans may get these tapeworms too, but only if they eat infected fleas. Cats with tapeworms should be dewormed by a veterinarian. Also Cats can get tapeworms from eating mice. If your cat catches a mouse it is best to take the prize away from it.

Submitted by [Law and Chaos]

Why it's good to own cats

It has been established that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.

Submitted by [nokaredes]

Groups of Kitties

The term for a group of cats is a clowder (supposedly a variation on the word clutter). A group of kittens is called a kendle.

Submitted by [nokaredes]


Myth: Tapeworms come from bad food.
Fact: Pets become infected with tape worms from swallowing fleas, which carry the parasite. Also, cats can get tapeworms from eating infected mice or other exposed animals.

Submitted by [Miss Lilu]

Typical Kittens

Kittens don’t seem bother you unless your doing your homework, trying to sleep or have something important to do.

Submitted by [stalker]

Got Milk?

Many cats cannot properly digest cow's milk. Milk and milk products give them diarrhea.

Submitted by [catelfemma]

Kitty Blood

Cat’s much like human have the blood groups, a, b, o etc.

Submitted by [catelfemma]

Top 16

The Top 16 Signs Your Cat is Overweight

16. Cat door retro-fitted with garage door opener.
15. Confused guests constantly mistaking her for beanbag chair.
14. Always lands on her spleen.
13. Fewer calls to the fire department, but a sudden upsurge in broken branches.
12. Fifteen month gestation period, and still no kittens.
11. No longer cleans itself unless coated in Cheese Whiz.
10. Rosanne fits through your kitty door without the aid of lubricants.
9. Catfood dish replaced with Rush Limbaugh trough.
8. Luxurious, shiny black fur replaced with mint green polyester pants suit.
7. It's no longer safe to lift him without a spotter.
6. "Steals breath" from all five quintuplets, simultaneously.
5. Larry King keeps trying to kiss it full on the lips.
4. Waits for the third bowl of food to get finicky.
3. He only catches mice that get trapped in his gravitational pull.
2. Enormous gut keeps your hardwood floors freshly buffed.

and's Number 1 Sign Your Cat is Overweight...

1. Has more chins than lives.

Submitted by [Miss Lilu]

Bad Luck!

It is bad luck to see a white cat at night. - American superstition

Submitted by [BlackDragon]

Allergic to cats?

Studies now show that the allergen in cats is related to their scent glands. Cats have scent glands on their faces and at the base of their tails. Entire male cats generate the most scent. If this secretion from the scent glands is the allergen, allergic people should tolerate spayed female cats the best.

Submitted by [catelfemma]

16 Signs

The Top 16 Signs Your Cat
May Be Planning to Kill You... (interesting)

16. Seems mighty chummy with the dog all of a sudden.
15. Unexplained calls to F. Lee Baileys 900 number on your bill.
14. He actually *does* have your tongue.
13. You find a stash of "Feline of Fortune" magazines behind the couch.
12. Cyanide paw prints all over the house.
11. You wake up to find a birds head in your bed.
10. As the wind blows over the grassy knoll in downtown Dallas, you get a faint whiff of catnip.
9. Droppings in litter box spell out "REDRUM."
8. Catch him with a new Mohawk looking in the mirror saying, "Mew looking at me? Mew looking at me?"
7. Takes attentive notes every time "Itchy and Scratchy" are on.
6. You find blueprints for a Rube Goldberg device that starts with a mouse chased into a hole and ends with flaming oil dumped on your bed.
5. Has taken a sudden interest in the wood chipper.
4. Instead of dead birds, leaves cartons of Marlboros on your doorstep.
3. Ball of yarn playfully tied into a hangman’s noose.
2. You find a piece of paper labelled "MY WIL" which says: "LEEV AWL 2 KAT."

... and the Number 1 Sign Your Cat May Be Planning to Kill You ...
1. Now sharpens claws on your cars brake lines.

Submitted by [Miss Lilu]


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