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Have you ever noticed that cats like to follow you around? All the time? For food, and for hugs, and just generally because they like to be around you?

For this reason, and for others, I have made this wiki:




Find your banners here to advertise Stalkers in your house!

The Original Stalkers Banner by [catelfemma]

Kindly made by [FireWing]

I made this wiki, and ran out of inspiration. Does anyone have any ideas what else to put on it? Those ideas would be much appreciated! ~[catelfemma]

Username (or number or email):


2005-01-11 [Sunrose]: O.o

2005-01-14 [Sunrose]: Cats tailing people?

2005-01-15 [tabbixcore ™]: Oh! I have an idea. How about just making a banner???

2005-01-15 [Sunrose]: You will do that? ;-)

2005-01-17 [aimfire]: my cat hunts me.....or should I say haunts me....

2005-01-19 [catelfemma]: Tell all!

2005-03-16 [Bailey]: ooo looks cool

2005-04-26 [nokaredes]: My cats follow me too, until I tell them they're being annoying, and they become less obvious about their shadowing. =^-^=

2005-06-08 [aimfire]: Well for a little bit she'd sit at my window at night and stare down at me expecting to let her in.... while the other one moves like he's going to kill something....

2005-09-14 [FireWing]: Heres a banner i made for this wiki^_^ If you want something else done tell me at [FireWing]<img:>

2005-10-02 [chocolatemonster]: maybe there should be a "story section" where people write stories about being stalked by their cats?

2006-03-06 [clueless05]: there should be like an accosiation of my cats stalking me my cat does that sometimes

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