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2007-04-01 10:51:37
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Striker for Crew.

What I am wanting to do.
I am wanting to become a crew member, to help out the CatHug community.

Heddate Functions I know.
I know the pseudo HTML off by heart, I know the !uQt, also I know an error where If you make a second break in the text, the tag doesn’t work.
I know the different priv functions (up to priv 14).
I know how to edit & work MainStreet (Myaustreet).

How long I will work for.
I will work on Cathug for as long as [Hedda] feels I am no longer needed, or until there is not anything left to help out on.

Some things i have done:

Things that I am knowledgeable about.
I know about the UAR & I know them without having to look at them again, I know what the dos and don'ts are around Cathug.

I can read & Wright English perfectly because it is my mother tongue, I can write entire Pages without making any Grammar or spelling Mistakes.

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