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I am wanting to either become a council member or a guards member or a wiki boss.


I am a member of elftown, cathug and fake.swedma and enjoy it a lot


The reason why I think I should become a crew member

1. Because I am informative and do things in a professional way
i do things in a professional way and look out for people who break the rules.

2. Because I listen to peoples problems when they have one, and try and deal with it in the easiest way possible

3. Because I am very stern when it comes to rule breaking, and will take every action possible to stop it

4. Because I care about the other users on here and i respect them no matter what age or gender or preferred sex

5. I have a good general knowledge of Elftown

6. I am able to read and write English well.

7. My goals are to respect all members on here but have zero tolerance when it comes to rule breaking

8. I have created the wikis how to make your house look good and sci fi & fantasy books on Elftown.

9. My fiancé used to have an account on here and I used to help him create the wikis

10. I am able to get along with the sullen assholes in the crew and have a great patience with people...

11. I do think this is fun!

12. I am full of ideas for elftown to get it going really well

13. I am, genuine, helpful, professional, like to see things in good shape, caring but very strict.
I love reading sci fi and fantasy novels/books

14) I think I’ve proved myself because if a member on here talks to me nice ill be nice back but if people talk nasty to me I still try to be nice back, I am very strict but I only use my strictness when needed.

15) I have great patience and try my hardest to get on with everyone

16) Although I haven’t been on here long, I have been on a lot of sites e.g. face book, tagged, teen chat for many years and I love getting to know people.

17) I am good with computer technology; I have done my G.C.S.E. in I.C.T.

18) I will help other members if they need help.

19) I am a good talker and listener." *thinks* I'm more of a listener than a talker lol

what have i done?

Currently i have created the wiki sci fi & fantasy books and up date it when ever possible

Also on another heddate site called Elf12 I have corrected over 50 adoptables pages.


what you will do

i will keep rule breaking to a minimum. I wish to help serve as a liaison between crew and regular elftowners, I would also like to serve as Council. i am very good with wikis and im good at pseudo html


how long will I be on cathug
Until i grow old and frail


my supporters are :

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