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Moonfleet (It's Thanksgiving! :O)

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Yay! Luna's eating a leaf! O.O


Heh, this is Luna, one of the random cats that come to my house every once in a while. ^^ I named her myself, and I don't know where she's from, but she seems well taken care of. I don't own her, obviously, but I still love her ^.^ She's very sweet and lovey. In fact, I think she might be having kittens soon Oo. Last time I saw her her tummy was very round and plump.

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Cat wannabe

Ok, ok, so he's not a cat @.@;. But he's as close as it gets. He's my muse, Kigo, the wolf-halfling, and he would never have let me lived it down if I didn't put him up here (lol). (Note: This is not an image that you can put in your house. It's only for my presentation, and my presentation only. No stealing!)


Well, hello to you all ^^;. I don't own a cat at the moment, but I once had two (they died of natural causes :(...). I've always been fond of cats, and I would have gotten another cat, but my mom said no -.-;. Anyway, cats rock ;). I'm still more of a horsey person, but that's ok. I'm usually on Elftown (I'm Kuramasgirl and I LUV HORSES!), and Elfpack (I'm Celtic Fox), so this is pretty new to me =3. I love to talk, and I'm pretty friendly (so my friends say >>), so message me! ^.^ I'll add more to this later ^_^;


Hey look! More info!

Hair: Brown with natural blond highlights
Eyes: Blue-grey
Name: Heh, you'll have to get to know me first.
Nickname(s): MC, Cate, Cat, Kura, Kuramasgirl, Crazy person (lol), horsey girl....You get the idea..
Fav demon(s): Youko Kurama and Hiei =3
Age: Again, you need to get to know me first! O.O;
Attitude: I can be very obstinate when I want to XD. I'm usually pretty calm though....unless I have brownie ice cream...
Favorite Elf: Legolas Greenleaf of Lord of the Rings. (and it's not just because of Orlando Bloom(who is really really hot...))
Usual Personality: *shrugs* Calm...EXCEPT FOR THE BROWNIE ICE CREAM TIMES! *hyper smile*
Sanity: Heh heh, I hear voices in my head ^^ (lol)
Fav adventure: Europe! ^.^
Do I like Voldemort?: What kind of question is that?! @.@ Of course not! He's pure evil you dimwits!
Recent Movie seen: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire *clings to movie and doesn't let it go* I love it so much O.O; *wants to see it again...*
Sibling(s): Nope...only child....yep....pretty weird...
Other Non-Human Siblings: Teddy the Cocker Spaniel/Springer Spaniel mix, Raffy the Chinese Pantalooned Gremlin mix(he's a dog o.o;), and Ellie, the color-changing Parakeet! (message me and I'll explain ^^;)
Animagus: Yep ^^ I'm a black fox with silver tips.
Fav werewolf: Who else but the wonderful MOONY! (aka, Remus J. Lupin from the Harry Potter books)
Recent Poem that does not rhyme: I have no time to do stupid things like! I made a poem that doesn't rhyme!
Favorite Band/singer: Green Day! (I love American Idiot \m/
Fav animal: A horse of course! (cats are cool too though >>;)
Do you have a crush?: Yes.....*blushes*
Favorite Book: Now that's a hard one...I guess Eragon...but then again I'm in love with all of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books O.O; And I can't forget Inkheart and Inkspell either! :\
Fav Mythical Creature: Dragon *huggles a dragon while trying not to get burned* x.x;

I was born on Halloween, so I'm a little Halloween Kitty X3

Talk to me People!! @.@;

Gender: female human

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Florida

Known languages

Favorite URL:

Favorite cat-races
American BobtailAmerican ShorthairBengal
British ShorthairCornish RexExotic
Japanese BobtailMaine CoonManx
Norwegian Forest CatOcicatPersian


Other interests
bookscatschasing the preferred sex
plantsreligionrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

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