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Name: Tiff


Cat image missing.

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ummm... I dunno. Ask me whatever you want ^_^

The Perfect Guy:

[Hair Color:] any color
[Eye Color:] any...colored contacts to
[Height:] doesnt matter
[Six Pack:] no
[Long or Short Hair:] long or mediumish
[Glasses or contacts:] well some guys are sexy with glassesand others with out so ither
[Piercing:] oh yes...any and all
[Scars:] sure...scars tell a history ^_^ i should know
[Buff or Skinny:] either
[Funny or Serious:] both
[Party or Stay at home:] both!
[Should he know how to cook:] sure and if not i can teach him ^_^ heheh
[Should he have a best friend:] oh yes
[Should he have a lot of girl friends:] yea
[Outgoing or Shy:] both in a way
[Sarcastic or Sincere:] Both
[Should he watch chick flicks:] if hes doesnt want to then no
[Would he smoke:] he could
[Would he drink:] well then we could get drunk together ^_^ heheh
[Would he swear:] sure
[Would he play with your hair:] sometimes
[One or more girls at a time:] during sex? more than one as longs as theres other guys to
[Bad Boy or Good Boy:] both
[Would he kiss you on the first date:] Yes
[Where would you go to dinner:] anywhere im not rather go to mickey d's than a fancy restaraunt
[Would he bring you flowers:] occasionally
[Would he lay under the stars with you:] yes ^_^ thats one of my favoritest things to do
[Would he write poetry about you:] maybe
[Would he call you hunny or baby:] if i was going to have a pet name i would want it to be differnt than that
[Would he hang out with your friends:] sure
[Would you hang out with his friends:] yes
[Would he walk you to the door at the end of the date:] awww yes....he might even get to go threw the door then
[Would he hold your hand:] yup
[Would he play sports:] as long as he isnt stuck up
[Would he sing:] occasionally
[Would he play an instrument:] sure why not
[Would he keep his room clean:] i dont so he doesnt have to
[Would he paint, draw or sculpt:] paint and draw
[Would he write his own music:] yes and sing others
[Would he use the word "dude":] yup
[Would he use the word "tight'':] lol i would laugh my ass off if he did
[Would he watch the sunrise or sunset with you:] ^_^ yea
[What kind of car would he drive:] anything
[How old would he be:] younger than 19
[Does your dream guy resemble your real boyfriend:] no cause i got a girlfreind

Age: 16Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 25

Gender: female human

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-North Carolina

Exact place of living: Bostic

Known languages

CatHug crew wannabe: No

Favorite cat-races
non-race catsAmerican BobtailAmerican Wirehair

alternativeprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexcrime storiesdogs
politicspornrole playing
travellingwatching sportwhisky

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 172

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