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ST.JOHN (i am the one you seek be not afraid to love me)

Member #3700 created: 2005-06-25 23:34:48Simple URL:   

Name: John Bennett


i am he who takes your pain away i am he who shall protect you from heartache i am he who shall be your savior i am he who you can call upon to help you come take shelter in my wings for i am your guardian angel and ill always be there when your in darkness


ill be your scapegoat ill be your savior im the better of two evils

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ok here i go my name is john murphy bennett II but you will call me john im 20 years young black hair hazel eyes i have 8 tats no you cant see unless i know you im on here cause i can be i am very open minded and if you dont like it then get the hell out of my profile i mean seriously if you dont like someone for who they are dont even bother judging them thats what i hate about this world its so full of profilers it pissess me off when good ppl try to show the world who they are but society just looks at them like they are santanic and that goes for us goths ppl we dress the way we do for a reason if you dont like it then dont fuckin look anyways enough ranting i was in the army now im not simple as that dont ask cause i wont tell you i can be a sweet heart and an asshole you choose which you wanna see but yah ive had my heart broken too many times by fake ass girls and dont give me pity i dont need it id love to make new friends and possibly more if i deem you trustworthy other then that if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask i love giving advice hell ive saved so many relationships its not even funny but i am a good guy you just have to get to know me and not judge me by my outer appearance anything else you ppl wanna know just write me ill be glad to answer all your questions

Age: 20Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 24

Gender: male human

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Texas

Exact place of living: huntsville

Known languages

Favorite cat-races
BengalEgyptian MauExotic

heavy metalnew agepunk

Other interests
catschasing the preferred sexcooking
crime storiesdogseating
partypoliticsrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 173

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