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sammie h! (funny Cat)

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me and treacle

this is me and my favourate cat treacle



this is me

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i love kats so much, i love there soft furr and there soft to the touch.

i am sammie. i live with my fiance, i am pregnant with my first child, we are both exited but very nervous

my cats
one is white with black spots and its called dominoe

the other is black on the top with bits of white on called tara

my last one is gingeree brown called treacle

[all those who cyber i do not and will not cyber with any guy so if thats your intention just go away]

hiya my names Sammie I’m 22yrs and i live in with my son in Harrogate ansd love every single bit of it. Message me and tell me about you.I'm pretty much a down to earth kind of girl. I don't get offended easy...but look out if you DO tick me off!! I'm very outspoken :) I don't judge others for their beliefs or lifestyle choices... each to their own I say. I love to laugh as much as possible but have a serious side too and passionate about humanitarian issues world wide. I love the great outdoors and enjoy all time spent in the sun especially with a few bubbly drinks and some great friends ;) Summer is a comin!! Woot!!

my dream wedding would be with my fiancé and a normal wedding dress, I don’t care how much is spent on my wedding, as long as I’m married to the one, I wouldn’t care if I got married in a card board box.

my favorite color is baby blue and baby pink.

I’m fun, loving, Caring, Honest, I have a Good sense of humor and a good personality. sisters a photographer and also in the R.A.F

if anyone wants to report a wiki or profile then contact the guards

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Age: 29Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 24

Gender: female human

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Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Harrogate

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