Name of the forumDescription
Cat races
A forum with discussions about the different cat races.  
Cat medicine
A forum with discussions about medical problems for cats.  
Cat psycology
A forum with discussions about cats' strange minds.  
CatHug, newbie questions
Here you can ask questions about how to use CatHug. Stupid questions are welcome, but please let people have fun with your stupid question without getting upset. Please read through the FAQ and help.html before asking!  
CatHug, to the crew
This is the place to discuss something with the crew of CatHug.  
CatHug, what to do
A forum about how to improve CatHug and what to do here.  
The CatHug wiki
A forum about how to organize and fill up the Wiki here on CatHug.  
Advertising in CatHug
In this forum you can advertise your new poll, brag about your new cat pictures, presentation, wiki-page and so on, and then comment on the advertisements.  
General Debate
A forum for discussions that don't fit anywhere else.  
My cat and me
A forum where you can talk about yourself, cats doing interesting or boring things and about anything. Please don't have great debates here, but feel free to talk as much as you want!  
Are you tired of interesting and well written postings? This is the forum for you then. Here you can write and read all kinds of crap.  
Tech stuff
General babble about technology. You better create your own forum if you don't want to be flooded with this mixture of stuff.  

News about CatHug
Help - How does CatHug work?