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Post nr: 3143
Author: sammie h (New name: sammie h!) (funny Cat) Posted: (4382 days ago)
Subject: hi (Texts: 1 )

to everyone new to cathug, a big hi from me


Post nr: 3141
Author: cazee Posted: (5193 days ago)
Subject: whiskers treats (Texts: 1 )

Just curious if any one else is giving their kitty whiskers treats. They are the little pillow shaped biscuit with a filled centre.
Have been giving these to my girl now for a few weeks and am a bit worried that she has become "addicted" to them. She is ignoring her other food - was a real lover of Go-Cat - barely touches it. Noticed today after having a handfull of treats that her pupils became very big.
Any comments would be welcomed.


Post nr: 2964
Author: jules Posted: (6068 days ago)
Subject: FIP (Texts: 5 )

My baby diagnosed with FIP today...Very sad! When will there be a cure for this deadly killing virus?? What can I do to help my baby, I've only had him a short time, and am not ready to give him up yet??


Post nr: 2943
Author: Catalyst ( Posted: (6087 days ago)
Subject: URGENT HELP (Texts: 9 )

Hello all!
I didn't know where to put this so I put it here...
I just found a plastic bag with 5 new-born kittens...HELP ME I don't know what to do.I'll give them milk now with a dropper but I don't know how to handle them.I've never had any cats but I can't leave these to die...Please, people who know what to do,help me!!!


Post nr: 2889
Author: Hedda (monster creation) Posted: (6111 days ago)
Subject: Licking plastic... (Texts: 8 )

[Lilo] loves to lick on plastic bags. She doesn't chew or get any plastic in her mouth, but I'm still a little worried that she gets some plastic into herself, and that can't be healthy in the long run.

Anyone who knows something about this?


Post nr: 1115
Author: Mirime (home for the summer) Posted: (6589 days ago)
Subject: Urinary things... (Texts: 8 )

Well, not the most unpleasant topic. Anyway, one of our cats-- and recently the two oldest ones-- have had this problem where they're blocked, and have trouble urinating... we've been shooting chicken broth with vitamin C as well as "No Fus" tablets crushed up in water into Jasmine, at least, and hiding chunks of tablets in hamburger for Streak. The thing is, it keeps re-occuring if we stop at all. Any ideas?


Post nr: 683
Author: nokaredes (*hisses*) Posted: (6617 days ago)
Subject: Lola (Texts: 7 )

We don't know what's wrong with our cat...first she wasn't eating and this fat cat went down to skin and bones...we took her to 3 different vets and the first one said it was her mouth, her teeth and gums were sore, and $400 and one week later that was supposedly fixed. But she was still not gaining weight, so we took her to vet#2, who said it was liver cancer, and so did #3 (our regular vet now), who gave us prescription food. We let her into my bedroom, which she is not usually allowed in, all the time, so she could eat without the other cats bothering her...and she started gaining weight, and feeling better, and getting herself into trouble by knocking plants over and trying to eat my gerbil >< so then she was allowed to go in my room only to eat. and that went okay for awhile, and we didn't get any more prescription food, and she went back to eating normal cat food. And now she's fat, and I think she's sick, because she's constipated (can't go poop) and doesn't like to be picked up. so now she's on a diet, and tries to eat anything!! I keep trying to get my mom to take her to the vet, but she doesn't go. :(


Post nr: 136
Author: zeezee Posted: (6685 days ago)
Subject: Ears (Texts: 6 )

We think Fez may have something wrong with his ears-when we scratch them (which he LOVES, I'll add), he shakes his head quite alot-you know, just that odd shake? Well, my mum is a bit hesitiant to take him to a vet, just incase he is fine and just mad like he is, cus you know how extortionate vet fees are, even if there is nothing wrong!
I have to admit, when it comes to my pets, Im a bit of a hypercondriac(sp?), if it seems anything is wrong, its alway "right, off to the vet!"

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