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Thread: [136]
Author: zeezee Posted: (6685 days ago)
Subject: Ears

We think Fez may have something wrong with his ears-when we scratch them (which he LOVES, I'll add), he shakes his head quite alot-you know, just that odd shake? Well, my mum is a bit hesitiant to take him to a vet, just incase he is fine and just mad like he is, cus you know how extortionate vet fees are, even if there is nothing wrong!
I have to admit, when it comes to my pets, Im a bit of a hypercondriac(sp?), if it seems anything is wrong, its alway "right, off to the vet!"

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Thread: [136]
Author: catelfemma (<img:img/mood/15_1109727516.jpg> Go to Competitions) Posted: (6679 days ago) Previous in thread: 136 by zeezee
Subject: Ears

Hypochondriac, I think you spell it.
I don't know much about cat medicine- could it be ear mites? I think I read somewhere that they look like raised brown lumps on the inside of a cat's ear.
That could be wrong though- I think it might be best to check with your vet. Perhaps you could ring up and check, so you don't need to bother the vet with making an appointment? Then s/he can advise you.


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Thread: [136]
Author: kalany Posted: (6605 days ago) Previous in thread: 136 by zeezee
Subject: Ears

My last kitty did that, and she'd -insist- that you scratch her ears too -- we finally figured out that she has massive problems with ear wax. The vet gave us some ear drops that were supposed to help loosen it, and sure enough, with application of those (which she hated, of course) and lots of base-of-ear rubbing, massive clumps of wax would come flying out.


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Thread: [136]
Author: dexter my putty cat (New name: Jessica rules) (i ave been dumped and i am devestated) Posted: (6184 days ago) Previous in thread: 136 by zeezee
Subject: Ears

hope she will be fine


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Thread: [136]
Author: felinefreda Posted: (5778 days ago) Previous in thread: 136 by zeezee
Subject: Fleas

People the Fleas are coming. I am a Wildlife Rehabilitator for the state of Texas. Here in Texas we had a mild winter and lots of rain. That equals fleas and ticks. It may a be a really bad years for infestaions. There has been two confirmed cases of Bubonic Plague in momkeys at the Denver Zoo. They feel that the local squirrels infested the monkeys with the virus. Please be extra vigilant with flea prevention and pass the word to others. The WHO has not issued warnings yet but the Denver Zoo made the news week before hand. I thought there would be some warning to the public but since I have not seen anything, I am spreading the word.

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Thread: [136]
Author: Kieli (Oh, a peanut! My peanut.) Posted: (5775 days ago) Previous in thread: 3100 by felinefreda
Subject: Fleas

Oo. Thanks, mate. I just found Shirotsuki today, and he's got fleas. I'll take special care to make sure they don't spread to the other cat...

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