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2007-03-31 04:12:24
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Featured Cat Owner - [Ms. JuJu]!

Done by Elftown's Ocean Soul


<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> What is your name?

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> What country are you from?
Ontario, Or.


<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> What do you do for fun or what do you like to do in your spare time (hobbies)?
I like to play on Gaia Online most of the time, I did have a job working for Cheyenne a fancy restaurant, but now I have free time to, paint, draw, make graphics. As for things to do outside, I like to do almost anything!!

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> How did you come across Cathug?

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Do you own any cats? If you do then what are their names?
If not, why not?
I had cats, I use to have six of them, They were Ashleey, Fluffy, Blacky, Midnight, Rosy((*hint, she was the fat one*)

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> What were your cats like?
They were so cute, 2grey, 2black. They'd bounce up and down, everywhere and sneeze. But now I don't have them anymore.

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Do you have any cat-like advice for other owners out there?
Always pay attention to your cat, and if they decide to head outside, be sure or at least hope they don't jump over the fence! lol

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> What do you like to do with your cats?
Scratch their ears, play with them, give them tuna fish once a month, spoil them. And sneak them into your bed.
What do you think of Cathug? What should we improve here?
I think we should make more graphics and pretty things for your house. Also a change, instead of grey!! Who is with me?

<img:/img/catimg/362_1114101572.jpg> Any Final comments?
Cathug is awesome and thankyou! *purs, licks and nuzzles*


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2007-04-16 [5thwitch]: yayyy! congrats [Ms. JuJu]!

2007-04-30 [Ms. JuJu]: ^^ thankyou! ^^

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