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Meow Graphics Donors


<img:stuff/Meowb1.gif> <img:stuff/Meowb2.gif> <img:stuff/Meowb3.gif> <img:stuff/Meowb4.gif>
Badges by [pixie_shimmer]


The following CatHug members have donated to Meow Graphics:

[Calico Tiger]
[Ms. JuJu]
[Kristen 5p34k]
[Miss Lilu] **

The * signify the amount of stars this person has besides the badge.


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2005-03-31 [kaito]: how do you get the ones with stars next to them? (if you have a satr does that mean that you done more graphics than the person with no star)

2005-04-01 [pixie_shimmer]: It means you have donated a lot of different graphics to Cathug :-) (ie: not the same graphic with different colours - I think - ask Sunrose....she knows stuff ;-D)

2005-05-09 [Dark witch]: how do you donate stuff to meow graphics??

2005-05-10 [pixie_shimmer]: You just add it to the correct section, making sure that your art is original and non offensive :-)

2005-05-10 [Dark witch]: ok thanx a lot i might add some.

2005-05-11 [pixie_shimmer]: good :-D

2005-05-27 [Ihsahn]: I donated a divider....go me

2005-05-27 [Dark witch]: i donated 1 2 but i have others, they're rele tacky tho :(

2005-06-30 [Serenity]: What do the stars mean? And what's it mean donated - like money or like a graphic?

2005-06-30 [Sunrose]: It means you donated graphics, the more you donated the more stars you will get.

2005-08-05 [Akayume]: *thinks* I should donate...

2005-08-05 [Miss Lilu]: Than donate ^.-

2005-08-11 [FireWing]: is there an art donation records page?

2005-08-14 [Sunrose]: Nope :)

2005-08-18 [FireWing]: Ok^_^

2005-11-05 [lraina]: how do we get a bage i donated!

2005-11-11 [Sunrose]: The image you donated to welcome mats was an image taken from the internet and edited thereafter. Please don't donate stolen images.

2005-11-29 [Ms. JuJu]: I donated too...==8-)

2006-03-14 [Paz]: I donated some dividers :) 

2006-11-02 [Sunrose]: Ok :)

2011-11-14 [sammie h!]: Needs updating

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