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2008-05-29 23:55:27
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My IMVU Adventure

<img400*0:stuff/MorningstarRisingFemalesOfRisingstarShip.jpg>My female friends aboard my AirShip. Top Left to Right : Chela, Melon, Jasa, Star-Me, Sofine, Darchoo, Bottom Left to Right : Krissy & her Mommy Chele

<img:stuff/MorningstarRisingFelumalButterfly1.jpg>My Feline Avi in different Outfits

<img400*0:stuff/MorningstarRisingFriendsBD512.jpg>Some of my Friends on IMVU Top Left to Right : Keith, Fighr, Krissy, Chela, Javito, Sitting Left to Right : Jewels & Star-Me, Standing front right corner, Left to Right Married: Chele & Kenny, Wizzard & Jasa

<img400*0:stuff/MorningstarRisingShay.jpg>My Shatureel Avi in different skins & outfits, with Keith

<img:stuff/MorningstarRisingStarManyMd.jpg>My Star Avi in different skins & outfits, with Simon

<img400*0:stuff/MorningstarRisingStarTheDoor.jpg>My Star Avi in different skins & outfits

Floating Pillow, Bar, Animated Rug, & Space Lamp, I made with my art

Different views of a room I derived using my art

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2008-05-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Wow! Star does have a pretty extensive wardrobe! I like the background on the bottom especially. :) Where's the one like the background for MSN?

2008-05-29 [Felumal]: Will be putting those up soon. LOL As for Star's wardrobe, thats nothing. hehehehe

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