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2006-03-04 05:13:35
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[Paz] for the Crew


My Days on Cathug

I actually have not been on Cathug for all that long but I am familiar with the way the Heddate sites work none-the-less. I have been on Elftown for over two years, Elfpack for over a year, and WritersCo for about a month or so. The few times I have logged in here (due to a very busy schedule) I have reported a few people for UAR violations and helped a couple members with some questions about Cathug.


My Abilities/What can I do?

I am very, very familiar with the pseudo HTML used on CH and the other communities. I am also very familiar with using wikis, polls and forums having created many in my times on the other heddate sites (mostly ET). The position I am applying for is initially to be on the council here on Cathug and if possible even a guard. I don't even mind if I am a boss of something like the Cat of the Day. I'll try my best to see that certain things get done when they need to be done. I can speak fluent english seeing as it's my mother tongue and I even known some Spanish here and there so I might be of some use if translating becomes an issue. I also have experience with the level 89 council priv because I am on the council on WritersCo.

Currently I have not done much to help Cathug in anyway, because as of right now I do not have the time. I will help by building up wiki pages and if possible... some of the rule pages (easier to link for people with a question). When I can I will try to aid Cathug in the best way possible. Once I do these things I will continue to work for it and help weed out rubbish that just might happen to transend upon Cathug. I will also try to help as many newbies with the (somewhat okay) amount of knowledge I have for these sites.


For How Long?

As long as Cathug's server is running and as long as it stays alive in the online web community ;)



If you think I'll make an eligable crew member just click the answer in the poll below and I will give you a cookie :).

15) Do you support my campaign? (Administrator: [Paz])

Number of voters: 6
* a) Yes, I support you!
Number of votes: 6 (100%)

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2006-03-09 [Hedda]: Fixed! Welcome!

2006-03-09 [zoloftzantac]: Congrats [Paz]! (even tho you're done with your campaign your poll still looked sad with no votes :)

2006-03-09 [Paz]: Thank you all! I appreciate the support none the less [zoloftzantac] ;D

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