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2008-03-29 10:04:57
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Pedestal cat contest

Take a photo of your cat on a pedestal of some kind!


1. It has to be your photo! You can use an old photo, if you want, but we prefer something new and hot.

2. The photo should contain a cat on a pedestal of some kind. Apart from that there can be anything in the photo.

3. Don't annoy your cat!

4. All images must be uploaded to CATHUG! No images from elftown, elfpack, or photobucket are allowed. You have a button "Upload a folder of images" in your house that you can use to upload really big images to CatHug with.

5. It should be nice and not too blurry photos.

6. Deadline is the 30th of November 2008. A Myaustreet poll will be held then.

Contest boss is [Hedda]


Winners will get:         Participants will get:
<img:>         <img:stuff/competition-part.gif>


Put your images with a link to you home here: (Tip: Right-click on the image you have uploaded to CatHug and select "copy (link/image) address". Then edit this page and below here you write "<img300:****>" where **** is the pasted address. [Hedda] will fix if you do something wrong.

Lilo lying on a pedestal!

Lilo yawning on a pedestal.

Lilo sitting on a pedestal.

Lilo watching.

Your submissions:

1.)[Mariah] Ninja on a pedestal of sorts...Michael's 6'5, and he was standing, so I would say that was a pedestal. :)

Username (or number or email):


2007-09-12 [Hedda]: Hehe, nice one, [Mariah]!

2007-09-13 [Mariah]: Thank you! That kitten would let you do about anything with him. :)He just sat there contentedly.

2008-03-29 [Hedda]: Oups! This contest got a little forgotten due to lack of submissions. I'll move the deadline to next year and there will be plenty of time to find pedestals and cats on them.

2012-10-06 Hans: Monthly costs will be for food, litter, toethsyn you have to decide if you are going to do a combination of wet and dry catfood or just dry or just wet? you will need a litter box and litter to fill it with and a scoop to clean it daily with.i would also suggest getting nail clippers and a scratching post/board and a ****** gun, when the cat is caught on tabletops or where not alloweed, ****** it so the cat doesnt know where it came from, after a few times, they will stay off that area, as far as breakables, cats are pretty gentle, but i would remove anything that could be broken until you learn what the cat will do and act, they are all very individual attitudes and personalities! Good Luck!

2012-10-06 Regiane: Ear mites are extremely cotiganous. They can be transmitted through the screen. I would be more worried about the stray cat transmitting other diseases such as feline leukemia. To be on the safe side, I wouldn't leave the window opened anymore if is low enough where other cats from outside can come up to it.

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