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2010-05-25 18:49:37
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The Grand Mog is the boss of Elf12. She is in charge of everything except programming, because she is too cute for that stuff. She makes the decisions and keeps the peace, and is always grateful to the Wizard for keeping things going.


Badge by [Adon]
The Grand Mog is:

[Lerune] was the first Grand Mog of Elf12, until she retired. She had
the idea of creating this website and did a lot of the founding work.
[Scarlet_Royal] was the second Grand Mog of Elf12, until she also retired.
She renovated a lot of Elf12 and added a lot of flair and excitement to things.



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2010-01-06 [Yuriona]: Hmmm... I really like the badge but the text might need to be darkened or outlined since its hard to read. *squints*

2010-01-07 [Angelo]: I'll make sure [Adon] knows that. ^^

2010-01-18 [Yuriona]: Much better. :)

2010-01-19 [Angelo]: because she is too cute for that stuff

It's weird to call you cute, Yuri. In all the years I've known you now, cute's not one of the words I'd use to describe you, were I asked to do to. x3

2010-01-19 [Yuriona]: Nope, I am definitely not cute but I suppose it'll do as a Grand Mog description.

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