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2010-03-17 08:47:53
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This page has all the official titles of Elf12 and a short job description in one handy place.


Administration Level
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> Elf12's Programmer created and hosts Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Grand Mog is the Boss of Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Vice Mog is the second-in-charge of Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Wizard does the true html codework for Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Nerf Herders are the high-ups in the staff of Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Captain is the head moderator of Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Lieutenant helps to maintain the peace and has special powers on Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Sergeant oversees the other moderators and trains new moderators on Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Guards are the moderators and can ban trouble makers on Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Mainstreet Boss maintains the Mainstreet of Elf12.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Council are the members who decide changes on Elf12.

Wiki Level
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Wiki Bosses maintain all the official wiki-pages.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Elf12 Graphics Group maintain Adoptables and Art.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Founder created the Elf12 Academy.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Director maintains the Elf12 Academy.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Professors teach classes in the Elf12 Academy.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Poem Bosses maintain the Daily Poem.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Featured Member Bosses maintain the Featured Member.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Featured Art Bosses maintain Featured Art.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Featured Wiki Bosses maintain Featured Wiki.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Jokes Bosses maintain Jokes.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Riddlers maintain Riddles.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Awards Crew maintain the Elf12 Awards.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The CCI Staff maintain Collectable Cards Inc.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Hunt Organizers maintain the Elf12 Treasure Hunt.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Image Bosses maintain the Monthly Coloring Page.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The WHN? Bosses maintain What Happens Next?.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Kids Only! Bosses maintain Kids Only!-pages.

Assistant and Donor Levels
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Patrollers assist the Guards.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Volunteers assist the Council.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Badgers make the official badges and medals that go in presentations.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Zoo Keepers have donated to Adoptables.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Contest Winners and Entrants have either won or entered at least one Elf12 Contest.
<img:stuff/pix_bltblue.jpg> The Donors of Art have donated images to Art.

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