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2010-10-23 19:18:25
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We want you to be able to upload pictures to Elf12, but to do so, there have to be a few rules about what kinds of pictures are and are not allowed. If you want to put up pictures of you with friends, pictures of you doing things, pictures you have made, or pictures from the internet, then please review and remember these rules. 


General Rules

These are the general rules for what pictures and images you can upload/link to Elf12, and what you can display in your house.

G-1. Images in your house must not be copyrighted.
Images you make yourself, images someone has made for you, images from Art and images that are "free to use" (meaning the artist has said it is OK for their art to be used and displayed) are allowed in your house. Wiki-Banners are also allowed, as long as they follow those rules.

G-2. No more than three (3) Dollz allowed in your house.
Dollz are assembled images you can create online using pre-made free to use images.

G-3. No more than ten (10) free to use animated images in your house.
Animated images are images that move in some way or another. There may be exceptions to this rule, depending on how small or large the animated image is. For example, having 6 very large and flashy moving images may be removed because it is quite annoying to see.

G-4. The following types of images are not allowed anywhere on Elf12, not even private wiki-pages: Images that display extreme violence, images that show or promote self-mutilation, nude/partially nude/suggestive images with minors in them.
Non-pornographic artistic nudity is allowed, provided that the image(s) is on a view protected wiki-page. All artistic nudity, drawing or not, must be tasteful. Also, links to it are not to be displayed where the younger members can stumble on them. Any nude or almost nude pictures with minors in them found anywhere on site will result in a permanent banning from Elf12 at minimum.
Note: It's okay to show your baby laying on its stomach with its butt in the air, but it is not okay to show a nude of your five year old, for example.

G-5. Images that contain other images that break the rules are not allowed in your house.
For example, a collage or a wiki banner containing images that are not allowed.


Special Rules

These are more specific rules that don't quite fall under the rules listed above.

S-1. Movie and Game screenshots are not allowed in your house.
The images within the game or movie may be copyrighted, so we do not allow them to be displayed. The only exception to this is if you have designed some part of the game or movie, and then you have to explain that you have and be able to provide proof if asked.
Note: Displaying a screenshot of your character on a game does not count as designing the image yourself. You have to have made the image, not used pre-assembled images.

S-2. Pictures of celebrities are not allowed in your house.
Since there is no way to know if the photo was taken with their permission, celebrity photos are not allowed.
Exceptions: If the image is taken directly from a magazine with proof in the url it is from the magazine (like from People), then the photo is allowed. Also, if you are in the photo then it is allowed.

S-3. You may only display up to two (2) wiki banners for each wiki.
Don't put every wiki banner there is for a certain wiki in your house. Choose up to two of your favorites and display those. Of course, you may display banners for multiple wiki-pages as long as they follow this rule and the other image rules.
Exceptions: You are not limited in the number of banners from your own wikis that you can display on your house as long as they follow the rules for wiki banners.

S-4. Mood images may not be inlined.
This means that to have an image in your mood, you must use the "Image mood" button on your house. Any images in your mood not from there will result in your mood being changed.

S-5. Large ASCII images are not allowed in your house.
ASCII images are images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer. We will allow up to a maximum of 15 lines of ASCII in your house, past that it will be removed. Also, it may not be offensive of course.


The Wiki

The rules for non-official wikipages that you own or have permission from the owner to post images on are much less strict than the house rules.

The following rules do not apply to the wiki: G-1, G-2, G-3, G-5, S-1, S-2.
Please remember that as the owner of a wikipage, you are responsible for what is displayed on your page. If any legal or serious problems come from your page, they fall to you, not Elf12. If you are under the legal age to be tried for crimes, then your parents may be responsible for your actions.
Any one who breaks the rules on wiki pages by posting images that aren't allowed, by wrecking a wiki that doesn't belong to them or by being unnecessarily rude and/or insulting should be reported to the Guards.
Please do not delete offensive comments from a wiki before a guard can see them since like in real life, all members are innocent until proven guilty.


How the Rules are Enforced

The Uploading Art Rules are enforced by the Guards. We can remove art that violates the rules and members who choose to continue to violate the rules may be banned at our discretion.

The Patrollers help by finding and reporting images that are against the rules. Everyone is encouraged to report rule violators, however, and those that report many violators may even become one of the Patrollers. If you find someone else violating the rules, please use the "send report to guards" button in that member's house and we will look into the matter.

Please do not report a member breaking the rules in any comment box, forum, wiki page and private message. Reports can be done on the offending member's house, or by messaging one of the Guards directly. The Guards can't deal with troublesome members unless they are reported. All reports are anonymous and are handled discreetly, which means the reported member won't know who reported them and no one else will know that the reported member broke the rules except the Guards.


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2010-03-17 [Angelo]: "by leaving a comment on the Guards page"
Isn't that saying to leave a comment on a wiki about the violation? o.o

2010-03-17 [Yuriona]: Yup. Usually it pertains to a member asking a guard to check out crap going on in the comments of a wiki. And since usually the only people who watch the guard page are guards and people who comment, its not likely to be seen by the perpetrator. PLUS you also have to keep in mind that with younger members, they almost always say they're going to tell on someone before it gets done so its rarely a secret. If it needs to be a secret then they have two other options to choose from.

Which reminds me... I got to add a note about not deleting harassing comments from a wiki before reporting them.

2010-03-18 [Angelo]: Ya'know, I'm surprised that privs 1-4 can't undelete deleted commented on the wiki. xP

Otherwise, makes sense. :)

2010-03-18 [Yuriona]: It must be a permanent delete then. *shrugs*

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