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2019-02-04 01:15:32
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The Elf12 Council are the staff members of Elf12. They are the ones who work and man the various activities around maintain the site. If you have any questions about Elf12, these are the people to ask. 



Badge by [Adon]
Sir [hedda] The Insanely Clever: Elf12's Programmer
Lady [Yuriona] The Crazy: Grand Mog

Sir [Angelo] The King of Spam: Vice Mog

Lady [Nehirwen] The Medalist: Nerf Herder

Lady [Akane Ice] The Vampire : Poem Bosses

Sir [djxmonster] The Lazy : Sergeant

Sir [Mortified Penguin] The hax0r: Wiki Bosses

Lady [sammie h!] The Idealist: Public Relations


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